David Auld

November 2023 to Fall 2024

David Auld
[email protected]

October 2023


During the week, I work as a clinical psychologist. On weekends and holidays, however, I enjoy painting. I work primarily in oils and usually on wood panels. I appreciate the solid surface that enables me to play with other mark-making techniques besides brushes: pallet knives, rollers, and rubber tools.

I find the process of thinking about and making art both intellectually and emotionally very satisfying. I am constantly challenged to “see” the shapes before me and reduce the noise of too many distractions (i.e., what is essential to the form and what can be edited out). I most frequently choose city streets as my subject–full of action and life.

This showing also includes several pieces from a plein air workshop I did in Italy last May. It was a very different way of working, and very rewarding.

– David Auld

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