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What, exactly, is a prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a general dentist who has completed an additional three years of training in an accredited American Dental Association graduate program, learning how to design, manufacture, and fit artificial replacements for teeth and other parts of the mouth.

Prosthodontists have the skills, experience, and understanding to treat patients with functional and esthetic concerns best addressed through the use of bridges, complete and partial removable dentures, crowns, veneers, and dental implants.

Why see a prosthodontist instead of a general dentist?

Dissatisfaction with the esthetics of one’s smile can diminish self-esteem and affect quality of life. Tooth loss and tooth pain can lead to more serious problems, including a compromised ability to eat. Prosthodontists are specially equipped to deal with these issues.

Why Choose Our Practice?

Specialty training makes Dr. Boardman particularly adept at replacing missing or damaged teeth and restoring optimum dental function. Her Fine Art degree is an assurance that she takes special pride and care when it comes to treatment esthetics.

Dr. Boardman works closely with a network of trusted dental professionals to diagnose and develop treatment plans specific to each patient’s unique requirements and concerns. Returning function, comfort, and patients’ pride in their appearance are her primary goals.

We’re aware that some patients experience dental anxiety (Thanks, Little Shop of Horrors), so have created a relaxing office environment overlooking a sunny deck filled with succulents, fruit trees, and live bamboo. Dr. Boardman and her staff will do everything they can to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.Our entire office and bathroom facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Give us a call with any questions or to schedule an appointment. After-hours emergency? Our outgoing message has an emergency contact number. For all urgent medical problems, please dial 911 immediately.