Delta Dental Notice

Updated February 20, 2023

Our office is no longer a Delta Premier provider, but even though we’re now out of network (non-contracted), we still accept Delta and all other PPO dental plans.

What this means for Delta policyholders:

Our office now treats Delta claims the same way it treats all others. Because Delta’s contracted fees no longer apply, you will see an increase in cost on services since 2022. What Delta pays on those services is dependent upon your particular policy, but, as of this update, Delta in most cases is paying significantly less than it was at Premier level. (The California Dental Association has filed a lawsuit against Delta regarding this; more information is available here.) In a very few instances, Delta is paying our submitted fees at 100%, so we’re really up in the air as to what to tell you without submitting a pre-treatment estimate. Any amount not covered by insurance is the patient’s responsibility.

Additionally, Delta payments are now being sent to the patient, not to us, so it’s important that you alert us of any change of address to ensure that your Delta reimbursements reach you.

What this means for non-Delta policyholders:

Nothing at all. We will continue to accept all dental PPO insurance policies, including Delta, and will bill patients for any remainder that their insurance provider doesn’t cover, as we always have.

What this means for uninsured patients:

Nothing at all will change.

To be clear, going out of network was our decision, not Delta’s. We apologize for any inconvenience this change causes our Delta patients, or patients considering switching to Delta. We struggled with the decision for years, but continuing to provide the best possible care for our patients necessitates this. Contact your Human Resources department; other dental insurance options may be available to you.

We appreciate your understanding. If you have questions, or would like a pre-treatment estimate on upcoming services, please email the office manager rather than calling. Thanks!

Rebecca Boardman, D.D.S.
Scott Mignola, Office Manager