Current Exhibit: May-September 2019

Cate Gregory, Photographer

In my work, I look for instances of the natural world – generally plants and flowers – that appear in, around, or near human-touched environments. I find the juxtaposition between the natural and the built an interesting contrast, and I like the idea of drawing attention to the small moments of wildness that appear in the middle of a major urban area. Some of these moments are planned, as in gardens and sidewalk plantings, and some show nature’s insistence on co-existing with the manmade.

I try to capture these lovely bursts of color and life from varying perspectives and at a larger-than-life scale to guard against our eyes’ tendency to pass over the familiar. Most often we see flowers and plants from high above. By shooting from flower- or ground-height, and at extreme close-up, I hope to encourage the viewer to take notice of the nature and growth around them, wherever they find it.A New England native, I have lived in the Bay Area for almost twenty years. A cross-country bicycle trip in 2010 taught me the joy of living outdoors and being more cognizant of my natural surroundings. I spent the next three years doing habitat restoration in the Presidio. Part of my duties there introduced me to photography, and it has been a passion ever since.

This is my first show.

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