Miriam Goodman: Midcentury MussArt

Summer to Winter 2021

Miriam Goodman is an L.A. native who is inspired by the spirituality of the human experience. She branched off of her favorite medium of oil painting to create this whimsical yet provocative series intended to gently encourage more kindness in the world.

MussArt™ is a playful combination of two practices that are very near and dear to Miriam’s heart – Mussar (see below) and Art. Both of these modalities play very integral roles in her self-growth and act both individually and collectively as catalysts for her self-expression.

Mussar is a Jewish spiritual practice dating back to the 10th century, C.E. The goal is to grow toward becoming a profoundly decent human being by making a practice of interacting with the world in a way that is consistent with the pure soul that one is. This is done through a variety of means, one of which is choosing a particular character trait (i.e. humility, patience, order) and setting to bring that trait into the forefront of one’s focus for a period of time (i.e. a week or two). Using a mantra, phrase or image are helpful tools for keeping one’s practice active and alive. For more information on Mussar, please visit https://mussarinstitute.org.